Digital Payment Ecosystem

Digital Payment Ecosystem

Today, it is hard to imagine a world without e-commerce services such as Amazon. Even traditional retailers have long moved to e-commerce. Besides higher quality of services, competitive pricing, customer satisfaction and superior engagement, something else has changed drastically that affects us all quite profoundly –which is how we pay for these goods and services. In comes Digital payment and ecosystem with huge opportunity.

For e-tailers, only concerting about delivery mechanisms of payment should be a thing of the past. Integrating services such as Paypal, or Apply Pay, or Google wallet and plethora of such options will not cut through competition. What e-tailers need is an ecosystem around payment that gives more information into consumer behavior and network effect. There is fabulous momentum around mobile payment, buying patterns, social media, and effectively tying it to decision-making process. The bare e-commerce sites are outclassed and outsmarted. As a business owner, you must think secure payment as a part of ecosystem and essentially a sales and marketing tool. That shopping cart and shared wish list on your site is possibly telling things beyond your imagination – let our technology and experts help you convert those opportunities into sales.

Fast thriving and successful e-commerce companies are accomplishing much beyond digital payment. They are building platform specific services and interfaces to collect consumer information. They are targeting other category of products, dynamic price adjustments, shipping and tracking, historical buying patterns, new products, gifts, discounts, vouchers, invoices, social likes and much more. Combine this with geo-location and social impacts, viola! This is a new age of Analytics + Big Data and decision makers’ outcome based upon new and fast information.  The central to this is digital payment big data ecosystem.

IrisLogic for past 18 years have been delivering retail and e-tail solutions to its customers. Our insights may help you build a digital payment ecosystem that will impact your business. We will showcase how we can work together either through your existing site and products, or customizing/integrating our digital payment solutions to improve your bottom line and technology ROI. This ecosystem is a rapidly evolving innovative complex process of converting online payment into a digital wallet with insights.

About IrisLogic

IrisLogic drives excellence – not only in our performance, but also in the results we deliver for our clients. We are a global software consultancy that combines the insight of our strategists, the vision of our innovators, and the ingenuity of our engineers to achieve this extraordinary impact. Fortune 500 trusts us to build solutions focused on growing revenue and profits by amplifying competitive advantage and strengthening customer relationship.

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