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E-commerce, Mobile commerce and Multichannel

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Ecommerce is now a doubtless reality, just for figures, in 2012, ecommerce sales topped $ One Trillion for the first time in history. That is a big number by any scale of imagination and growth. No business can afford to ignore these facts and need experienced technology partner to keep up the pace. At IrisLogic, we have been working in the area of Retail Commerce since 1998, and past 15 years have given us excellent business. This has been possible due to our expertise in developing suitable software as well as fully knowing and understanding commercial Regulations and legal Compliance critically required in the market place. This has secured a mutual confidence between IrisLogic and its clients.

As already highlighted that mobile devices have been playing an increasing role in every field of communication and as such their significance has entered into decisive phase of retail sales. Some dependable estimates show that purchases expected through mobile devices will mark up 25 percent of the market by 2017. According to Cisco Visual Networking Index, in 2014 the quantity of mobile devices will outnumber the number of world population. Retailers cannot afford to deny this proliferation rather they have to in cash this opportunity. And this is distinctly possible by deploying the IT-Technology solutions. We at IrisLogic reiterate that our range of software systems is fully geared to meet your requirements in all aspects of business.

Our mobile solutions clubbed with the power of Cloud Computing platform or the alternative of premise based POS System has potential to boost your business, in increasing competitive environment.

Multichannel Selling

In a fast connected world, a consumer more than ever, is aware and looks everywhere for deals and best in kind products. Although multichannel marketing is relatively young, yet its potential in ecommerce is going to be formidable. It is to provide ever growing scope of business especially to small and medium size retailers, who have robust supply chain for their products, for bulk supplies to biggies like Amazon or Nextag et all. But this pre-supposes that small retailers should some standing in the market by sales, service, brand and IT-Supported infrastructure, so that Amazon may like to deal with them.

In a word while in Rome, you have to act as Romans do. Thus inevitable growth of ecommerce demands doing business with IT-Support Systems and going still further, according to celebrity economists, Ecommerce ought to lead to intensified Price Competition, as consumers are exposed to more information in regard to competitive products and prices and delivery on their doorsteps. Amazon is Amazon but for robust IT Infrastructure to support the business.

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