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IrisLogic is proud to work with the innovators of tomorrow. Many of our most challenging and demanding projects have involved working with startup companies helping them expand and achieve further growth. We find the right solutions and have built an excellent reputation. Startup projects also help us keep on top of developments in breakthrough technologies and contemporary business practices. Our focus is to provide turnkey solutions in software which allows your team to concentrate on core IP development. Irisians have worked with many startups in e-Business, software, telecom, mobile, and embedded systems. IrisLogic’s startup solutions include:

  • System Architecture
  • Prototyping, workflow modeling, and design
  • Office productivity builds
  • Enterprise application development & integration
  • Database & embedded systems
  • Quality assurance & testing
  • Mobile & wireless commerce
  • Cloud Solutions
  • IT Security
  • IT Regularity Compliance

For our startup partners, IrisLogic’s business and engagement model includes fixed pricing or fee plus equity partnerships. Find out more about e-Business at IrisLogic in the ‘Solutions’ section.

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