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Cloud Retail Solutions

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The advent of Cloud Computing has opened the floodgates of information flow, its storage and retrieval, is now at the fingertips of a vendor. The vast power and universal reach of Internet at any time or place, whether on or off line has made it possible to send information or receive it seamlessly. This is a boon to retailers both in terms of cost and speed of data management. Now a retailer is not required to install and manage costly and unwieldy computer system, staff and engineers to run it and attend to disruptions. Thus a retailer is free to devote his time and attention to his business, by engaging a service provider like IrisLogic. Now the POS System takes charge of maintaining entire gamut of business information on a Cloud based system, a single Internet connection dovetailed to unseen cloud servers installed far away, manages information. IrisLogic has developed POS System, especially suited to Cloud based computation. The system has versatility to connect to tablets such as Apple’s iPad and any mobile device. The biggest advantage of Cloud based system is instant centralization of data [immensely beneficial to wide spread chain stores], and data access from anywhere having Internet connectivity. There is an important consideration before a retailer client as to the choice of POS System, relating to costs. The POS System based on retailer’s premises and that based on cloud computing model have cost differential

The costs payable in respect of Cloud based computing look to be attractive initially as there are no installation costs, but there is no surety as to future fee schedule or any incidentals charged. In case of on-premise POS installation there are costs but no uncertainty in regard to fees or incidentals. The question needs cost- benefit analysis based on a retailer’s volume of business and willingness to sink in capital. We, at IrisLogic may help to find economic solution.

Perhaps one critical concern to address in Cloud Software is the disruptive effects of incidental loss of Internet connection. For this reason it is imperative that a Cloud based POS System should be bundled with a local implementation of the software such that business processes-sales in particular-can continue with little disruption, when there is dropped connection. Furthermore upon restoration of Internet connection it is important that the local sales record can be subsequently and easily uploaded to the Cloud database without messing up previous and subsequent sales records. IrisLogic advises its clients how to build an offline module to make sure non-disruptive sales and marketing strategy.

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