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IrisLogic’s vision is to be a leading force in the successful development and implementation of innovative products and services that fully satisfy the evolving goals of our customers and their businesses. Irisians are strategic architects who not only understand the latest technologies, but adopt the best methods in which to develop these technologies into new ideas and innovation. We have a business & technology research team that keeps pace with developments in commerce, process, and transaction models. IT research involves ongoing studies on a number of topics including e-Business engines, specialized third party components, middleware, scaling, and load balancing. One of our focuses is back-end integration, a somewhat ignored but highly critical area that underlies the success of an enterprise-wide e-Business initiative.

IrisLogic’s powerful solutions include:

Technology & programming

  • Functional enhancements, re-engineering, and migration projects
  • Integration, adaptors, and connectors (to partners, exchanges, and vendors)
  • 24/7 support from our software development centers
  • QA, testing, build, and release
  • Mobile & wireless enabling of existing services

IrisLogic can have our teams work as a part of your onsite professional services teams or from our full service software development facilities. You can also leverage our global facilities to help reduce operating costs without compromising time-to-market and quality considerations.

Learn more about e-Business at IrisLogic in the ‘Solutions’ section.

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