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Mobility and cloud computing are critical signposts in today’s connected workplace, enabling better strategy execution through anytime anywhere access to information and solutions. Recent years have witnessed large-scale innovation and adoption in this segment, enabling businesses to seamlessly connect with their end users and customers through mobile devices. To improve customer satisfaction and revenue by transforming core business processes, enhancing engagement initiatives, optimizing costs, and promoting workforce productivity, organizations need an effective mobility strategy.


IrisLogic Mobility Practice offerings include comprehensive mobility services and solutions that help organizations enhance engagement and interaction with their customers, partners, and employees. Backed by our industry alliances and experience, our robust mobile products and services enable enterprises to build rich knowledge bases and strengthen backend systems.

Mobility is the Focus The rapid proliferations of smart devices in business operations have led to a complex mobile environment. Adding to this complexity is the number and diversity of mobile applications- built for different platforms, across separate networks, using different tools and frameworks. The resulting isolated and inefficient systems are difficult to maintain and upgrade. Moreover, as enterprises increasingly adopt bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies, the vulnerability of transactions necessitates strict security measures. To realize competitive advantage, enterprises need to effectively manage device diversity and architecture options to improve user experience.


Mobile Development Process

As part of the mobile development process at IrisLogic, Mobile User Interface (UI) Design is an essential in the creation of mobile apps. We understand Mobile UI constraints & contexts, screen, input and mobility as outlines for design. The user is often the focus of interaction with their device, and the interface entails components of both hardware and software. We take constant user inputs to manipulate a system, and device’s output allows the system to indicate the effects of the users’ interaction. Mobile UI design constraints include limited attention and form factors, such as a mobile device’s screen size for a user’s hand(s). Mobile UI contexts signal cues from user activity, such as location and scheduling that can be shown from user interactions within a mobile application. At IrisLogic, mobile UI design’s goal is primarily for an understandable, user-friendly interface. The UI of mobile apps should: consider users’ limited attention, minimize keystrokes, and be task-oriented with a minimum set of functions. IrisLogic Mobility Practice offerings span end-to-end consumer and enterprise mobility services. Our consultants analyze and formulate business process reinvention strategies by adopting the best-suited mobility roadmap (native, hybrid or web application). We continually review developments in areas such as gamification, social media, context-aware location services, and augmented reality to recommend and deploy them. Our solutions help you leverage the capabilities of wearable computing devices, network appliances, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Through functional, non-functional, cross functional, and usability and compatibility testing, we ensure that mobile operating systems remain updated. Working closely with business users, our dedicated user experience design team develops intuitive and creative solutions that help you drive operational efficiencies and enhance brand value.

IrisLogic helps you realize an enterprise wide mobility strategy through: Comprehensive mobility solutions: Address every aspect of mobile application development both on the enterprise and consumer side with our mobility solutions. Leverage our portfolio of offerings that includes custom software development and reusable mobile frameworks. Realize a comprehensive, customized mobility strategy aligned to your business objectives with our spectrum of services spanning consulting, application development, maintenance, testing and performance analysis, and integration with the mobile advertisement network.


Cost effective and customized applications: Accelerate mobile application development at a reasonable cost with our mature mobile architecture as well as rapidly scalable engineering talent.  Ensure close coordination; faster issue resolution, improved visibility, and faster deployment of your mobile applications with our iterative agile development approach.

Improved application security: Protect data and counter security threats, with our security assessment and strategies and our products that are tested, validated and certified by a strong team of mobile and IT security experts.

Key Benefits

IrisLogic’s ability to provide outstanding mobility services and products is supported by our:

Differentiated mobility architectures: We employ ‘thin-client rich-client’ for pure native, top-of-the-pyramid applications that keep the client code on the devices as small as possible. Our hybrid architecture for broad-based applications allows a single codebase across multiple platforms. We use ready to integrate intellectual property and pre-built solutions to speed up time to market.

Enhanced user experience design: Our dedicated user experience team conducts research in our Mobile Usability Test lab using eye-tracking equipment and task-tracking software. We follow a five steps approach: Discovery (contextual analysis, and benchmarking), Content Generation (brainstorm and explore designs), Prototyping (check feasibility), Design (interaction design specification, and graphics specification) and Validation (using real users and the lab facilities) to deliver intuitive and innovative solutions.

Dedicated collaboration center: IrisLogic Mobility Practice is headquartered in Silicon Valley. Besides hosting our usability and cloud lab, it serves as a collaboration hub for IrisLogic, our clients, and partners, providing added agility in addressing client needs. We have top industry analyst and technical visionaries who provide cutting edge solution and thought leadership.

Global Delivery Model: Our domain and technology expertise enables us to cross-pollinate ideas from one industry into another giving optimal solutions to our customers. IrisLogic interconnected global delivery model empowers us to draw on organizational capabilities to deliver superior solutions.

IrisLogic Mobile Technology Focus

We use some of the best of bread platform and technologies such as:

  • iOS native app development using Apple Xcode, Swift, and Objective-C.
  • Android native app development using ADT, Java and much more.
  • Hybrid Mobile and Web Application development using frameworks like PhoneGap, Apache Cordova, and Ionic.
  • Key mobile core development components such as HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript (jQuery Mobile), Java, AngularJS, NodeJS, JSON, oAuth, SAML, Qt/C++, SQL (SQLLite), and No SQL Storage (MongoDB, CouchDB, Firebase, and DynamoDB).
  • Qt SDK and C++ for developing cross platform native applications.
  • Using our partnership with cloud providers, such as AWS, to deploy and test server side components.
  • Social strategy, interaction, SEO, reporting, App stores, market place, and secure authentication using Facebook, Twitter, and likes.
  • Expertise in Messaging, Chat, Maps (Google and Apple API’s), Camera interactions, Location services, accelerometer, compass, contacts, file system, media, alerts, sound, vibration, storage, networking components, and much more.
  • Mobile enablement with 3rd party ERP systems, dashboards, financial systems, and cloud services.
  • Key mobile technology partnership with enablers such as Apple, Google, Adobe, Microsoft, Qt, and Open Source Frameworks such as Apache Cordova.

A glance at our cross platform mobility apps:

  • Mobile Works force and product ordering apps.
  • Business Dashboard and reporting apps.
  • Document management and role based access apps.
  • Warehouse and Supply Chain management apps.
  • Medical equipment and IoT solutions and apps.
  • Finance and Equities dashboard and apps.
  • Educational games and knowledge native and hybrid apps.
  • Networking appliance management and Dashboard hybrid apps.
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