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With a wide-range of expertise and experience in data- communication, telecommunication and system software we have executed many successful projects with the latest tools and technologies to help our customers achieve their business goals. Using various proprietary systems, real-time operating systems, and networking technologies, IrisLogic offers services in the following areas:


  • Development and porting of TCP/IP, Frame Relay, and ATM protocols (host-based and embedded).
  • Design and development of access products viz. LAN Terminal Server, Remote Access Server, and ATM switch.
  • Design of communication subsystems involving ASICs/SoC, High-Speed Serial chipsets/LAN chipsets, and Inverse Multiplexing over ATM.

Network Management

  • The development of Net Management software (Manager & Agent) for different telecom and datacom networks (xDSL, GSM, and CDMA) using SNMP and CMIP protocols.

Wireless Networks

  • Implementation of high level features for GSM network elements.
  • Development of simulators for multiple GSM interfaces.
  • Design and development of subsystems for GPRS and 3G products.
  • Implementation of Bluetooth TM and WAP technologies for mobile devices.
  • Switching
  • The implementation of features for high capacity switching systems.
  • The maintenance and enhancement of large switches/routers.
  • Broadband Access
  • The evolving of narrow band into broadband voice switches.
  • The termination of SONET on narrow band switch to perform broadband switch capabilities.
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