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Networking & Communications


IrisLogic’s networking & communication team provides end-to-end IT solutions in hardware & software design, development, and implementation. With a wide-range of expertise and experience in data- communication, telecommunication, system software, and VLSI-systems, our teams have executed many successful projects with the latest tools and technologies to help our customers achieve their business goals.

Spurred by greater competition, demanding customers, and a need for a generation-next technology, service providers and telecom equipment vendors are looking to break new grounds.

IrisLogic has invested heavily in developing world class networking lab at our offshore center for product testing as well as engineering. Our engineers have access to some of the latest gear from companies like Cisco, Extreme, IBM, EMC, Dell, HP, and Sun Microsystems. We constantly invest in the latest hardware and software to give state of the art access to our engineers.

IrisLogic dedicated offshore lab setup is ideal for network device manufacturers since testing such products requires a secure, isolated environment and dedicated infrastructure. Our CMMi Level 5 rated software quality management processes are adapted to meet individual customer scenarios and to establish the engagement framework. QA teams are formed to meet specific technical qualifications and guidelines as per customer need in order to ensure the best quality of service.

IrisLogic offers in-depth expertise in network and communications equipment and solutions testing. The following are IrisLogic key broad areas of expertise:

  • Datacomm (Enterprise switching devices)

    • SAN/WAN/LAN – Edge switch
    • 10/100/1000 Ethernet L2/L3 switches
    • VoIP, Media Gateway
  • Broadband Access

    • xDSL – Three generations of ADSL
    • WiFi / MAC
  • Telecom

    • Metro – Multi-port ESCON to OC48 Mux
    • SONET OC3/OC12/OC48 line cards – ATM & POS
    • T1/E1, T3/E3 uplink cards with IMA
  • Storage

    • SCSI-FC bridge
  • Network Management

    • HPoV based Device Managers
    • Tcl/Tk based Element Managers
    • AdventNet based NMS
    • Web-based management applications
  • Micro-code for Network Processors

    • L2/L3 wire-speed switching at 100/1000 Ethernet, OC48 data rates
  • Development & porting of protocol stacks
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