IrisLogic’s BaaN Consultancy Services Center provides the entire gamut of ERP services covering License sales, Implementation, Reinforcement & Optimization, Customisation, Support and Specialized services of Triton, BaanERP IV and BaanERP V. IrisLogic, through its Consultants has maintained 100% referencibility in all assignments and projects it has undertaken.

BaaN Implementation Methodology

Target Enterprise is a methodology used to manage Selection, Implementation and Continuous Improvement of Baan Solutions, using DEM concepts and techniques of Goal Directed Project Management.

Target Enterprise offers a structure, guidelines and tools for software implementation. In addition, it equips the project manager with the relevant concepts needed for managing the whole project, including the organizational, personnel and systems aspects. The underlying concepts of project management and the methods of, for instance the generation of the milestone charts are derived from Goal-Directed Project Management (GDPM).

Advantages of Target Enterprise:

  • Enables design of Project Plans
  • Specifies Responsibilities through Project Organisation Structure
  • Monitors at Global / Operational Level

BaaN Reiforcement Methodology

Organizations are continually challenged to enhance customer relationships, grow the business, and increase returns. Many organizations create credible strategies for growth and increased returns, but a relative few successfully implement.

In their efforts to achieve competitive advantages and find creative responses to improve performance, ERP implementations are hurried through and they end up doing more harm than good. Why? A lack of resources? Insufficient tactics? Poor Strategy? The crushing pressure of current business issues?

Our Baan Excellence Center helps companies extract value out of existing Baan Implementations by re-implementing, supporting and optimising ERP, Supply Chain and E-Enterprise Suite Applications of Baan. We provide seasoned professionals, industry experience, and proven tools that deliver measured and appropriate solutions to bring failed implementations back on track.

“The issue isn’t how to make Baan work, but how to get organizations and their businesses work with Baan.” The phases in the Reinforcement methodology are:


Services Offered

Business Consulting

  • Organizational evaluation for change readiness
  • Package evaluation for business function fitment
  • Requirement Analysis and Corporate Business Analysis

Technical Consulting

  • Hardware Sizing, IT-vendors’ evaluation
  • IT Road map for Client’s Organization

License Sales Implementation Post Implementation

  • Support
  • Optimization
  • Product Upgrade
  • Online Help Desk

Reinforcement & Optimization

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