5 reasons why your business can’t miss the mobility boat

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Mobile devices are ubiquitous and have become integral to the way we interact with the world around us. From how we consume information to how we stay connected with our friends, family and even our workplace, mobile devices have defined the new normal. It is no surprise then that ‘mobility’ is the game plan for so many thriving businesses. Chango polled more than 500 brand marketers and agency executives in the US, Canada and the UK about their mobile marketing practices and found that 86% of respondents had mobile-optimized websites, and 76% had a mobile app, and this number is clearly on the incline.

While it is well accepted that mobility drives agile enterprises that can pivot as quickly as technology demands, you may still be wondering if ‘mobility’ is the right move for your business. If so, read on for the top 5 reasons why we believe it absolute is;

1) Not embracing is mobility is giving in to your competition.

Since more than 70% of your customers prefer consuming information through their mobile devices if your website is not mobile-friendly they will simply click away to your competitor’s website. Your payment portal doesn’t work on mobiles? – They will buy from your competition. Don’t you have an app that works across devices? – They will download one from your competition. To stay ahead of the curve, to be competitive, mobility is a must!

2) Living in the moment.

Have a website is critical, no doubt. But it’s nowhere nearly enough! A website cannot truly meet the demands of today’s businesses and customers. Biometrics, geo-location, cameras, sensors, augmented reality, 3D gaming…  are potential game-changers that already exist natively in mobile apps — features you won’t find on a traditional website. These open a whole new world of possibilities, from letting your customer try one your products virtually to sending them an email about a sale when they are near your shop!

Even if you don’t take advantage of all these features, just being on the right platform gets you 80% there.

3) Build a community, credibility and brand loyalty

It’s never too soon to embrace mobility. And it’s not enough to launch your mobile app or website and rest. Mobility insists on constant upgrades and innovations. Even with a basic app, you can start building your app’s install base today. And with that install base will come ratings, comments, feedback and usage metrics that build trust and credibility with the platforms in the same way that aged links do with older websites.

4) Improve Customer Engagement

5) Makes better business sense

For a fraction of the cost, mobility brings in Responsiveness, productivity, collaboration, connectivity – all critical pillars of today’s successful business. Enhance your customer’s experience, make the process easier for them, thereby closing the sale quicker. Afterall, mobility helps you close the gap between you and your customer.

Convinced yet? Now that you have gotten a taste of the numerous benefits of your own business mobile app, give IrisLogic a call and we will help you get started.

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