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Iris Field orders

Iris Field orders

Mobile & Cloud based WareHouse App
The work process in the warehouse is characterized by speed, reliability, and precision in processing individual goods movements. To make sure that work is performed efficiently and at a reasonable cost, the warehouse staff requires simple and easy-to-view control of each individual process. IrisLogic Field Order solution (IrisFieldOrders) provides fast and error-free data communication through the use of mobile technology.

This, in turn, provides a high standard of quality.
IrisFieldOrders is a data entry app supported on Android and iOS platform that is efficient, easy to use, and affordable. IrisFieldOrders supports offline data management and synch when network is available. Order entries can be made offline and then data is synchronized between the app and your ERP or backend system whenever network connection is available.

At any time, user can easily search for customer, ship to locations and items and create new orders. User will also be able to edit or delete the pending orders. Reports maybe generated on app usage, live or historical orders, inventory information, and much more. Data may be exported to CSV format per customer request.
With 100% cloud and mobile support, IrisFieldOrders is built on cutting edge technology following the industries best practices.



Some of the key features of IrisFieldOrders:

  • User authentication – OAuth, OpenID, SAML and much more
  • User authorization – Role based access to types of data and functions
  • Secure Integration with back-end systems
  • Create customer orders offline
  • Sync and transfer data with backend ERP system whenever network connection is available.
  • View and manage pending orders
  • Easily filter data such as customer, items, ship to addresses
  • Scan item UPC code using device camera
  • App works on android and iOS devices such as smart phones or tablets.
  • A very lightweight, Field Order Entry solution with a simple to use UI
  • Customizable Data Services
  • Reusable and customizable business logic and UI layer
  • Export feature to CSV
  • No additional Hardware needed

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