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Boltron machine
Monitoring system

boltron machine

New from the team at IrisLogic:

We proudly introduce our machine monitoring system. You can link to a TV monitor, tell us which machines to monitor, and we can show you live production data.

Ideal for factories, and any manufacturing plant. Sitting anywhere in world, we can integrate with any of our clients system to get live data feed and stream on a TV monitor. You can configure 1 or 100s of machines to monitor. You can split into various tabs and departments. Ability to upload and configure streaming file. Ability to backend connect with ERP/MRP systems. Completely configurable and dynamic system.

boltron machine monitoring systen

Boltron Monitoring: Your Partner for Machine Monitoring

Whether you run a factory or a manufacturing plant, no one knows better than you that keeping your finger on the pulse of the shop floor is the key to success. Don’t let lack of production data hold you back!

Boltron Monitoring is a state-of-the-art Machine Monitoring System that provides accurate, real-time visibility into your production process. Boltron provides a comprehensive view in to the performance of your machines enabling you to track progress and continually improve process, thereby eliminating inefficiencies.


  • Track activities and automatically record the performance of your machines
  • Monitor your machines and production data in real-time anytime, anywhere.
  • Monitor one or 100s of machines on a single pane view.
  • Customised views so you can bifurcate into tabs by departments and functions. Gain maximum insights, analyse patterns and trends.
  • Completely configurable and dynamic. Connects to the backend via ERP/ MRP systems.
  • Upload and configure streaming files

How it works:

Whether you want to track one machine or hundreds in your shop floor, Boltron Monitoring integrates with your system seamlessly, so you can get live production feed anytime, anywhere.

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