e-Business is an important component of enterprise growth and prosperity. It has changed the ways businesses interact with one another and the world. IrisLogic can provide you with the right strategies and electronic business tools for e-marketing, e-marketplaces, e-procurement, e-security, and e-commerce to transform and propel your enterprise forward.

Custom Software Development

The new millennium has brought forth a host of new application development projects, most of them built on e-Commerce and Web-based technologies with a strong orientation toward standards-driven architecture. Recent experiences have forced users to adopt scalable, secure, reliable, and extensible architectures, which can also effectively handle 24/7 business models to accommodate global customers and minimize development cycles.

Mobile & Wireless

Wireless is a rapidly advancing industry merging the Internet and the phone, the PC and the palmtop, and making information accessible anytime anywhere. Companies around the world are already using wireless data to reach new customers, enable their employees, and make working from the road more efficient. Customer history, patient records, inventory data, and all other enterprise knowledge can now be accessed easily, regardless of where you are.


Unbiased testing can provide useful information for quality assurance, product development, acquisition support, competitive analysis, and can help support marketing and sales efforts. For example, pre-testing the stress load, performance capabilities, and functional ability of a website can prevent serious problems from occurring. Without it, companies can potentially lose revenue and customers, and damage their reputation.

System Engineering

We provide product engineering services including end-to-end product development from concept-to-proof-to-product. Using our systems engineering expertise we can build your complete product or complement your product development initiative by undertaking part of the product development cycle.

Package Implementation

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems were developed to integrate an organization’s business practices across the entire supply chain — from supplier to customer — into a virtual network of shared information. These systems are modular, scaleable, open, and flexible.

Security and Networking

Networks and security can thrive together in harmony. IrisLogic strives to offer the highest quality and most secure networking solutions to our customers. Using SecurNet, an IrisLogic team can assess, plan, design, and implement the right solution for your company.

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