IrisLogic provides database solutions to complex business problems and can successfully implement customized applications across any enterprise. Irisians (our core engineers) have extensive experience in many specialized areas such as data replication, kernel tuning, and SQL & application optimization. IrisLogic has a unique advantage of being a one-stop place for our customers to address any aspect of database-related solutions. Our end-to-end IT solutions also include migration strategies from one database environment to another and data warehousing.


Every application has an important persistent component to store data. Typically, it is comprised of some form of Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS), be it Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, or DB2. Beginning with object models, IrisLogic has developed proven practices to effectively map them into relational models, thereby optimally bridging the disparate paradigms of the object and relational worlds. Ending the application loop, persistence objects are optimized by creating a data access layer. IrisLogic has truly mastered the techniques to deliver scalable database solutions, whether in a development, testing, or production environment.

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