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Network Consulting

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Networks have evolved from simple office backbones to complex e-Business infrastructures that can improve operational efficiency, enhance productivity, and provide new customer services. IrisLogic SecurNet network solutions will transform your cumbersome network into a strategic business asset.

Irisians (our core engineers) strive to enhance the productivity and effectiveness of your networking environment by delivering reliable solutions within the budget and timeline allotted. Our customers are trusted partners who are kept informed of the latest strategy, design, and technology developments. IrisLogic offers consulting and implementation services to provide you with an ideal SecurNet Network solution:

IrisLogic Network Consulting Service

  • Traffic Analysis
  • Profile current network traffic and assess your business objectives and goals in relation to network performance to determine the optimal software and hardware configuration required to meet your traffic requirements.
  • Protocol Architecture
    Design your network for efficiency, value, robustness, and scalability
  • Network Addressing Scheme
    Rollout an IP addressing structure for your network
  • Router Configuration and Optimization
    Configure your new or existing network hardware and software to work in harmony. Leverage a high rate of return on initial network investment.

IrisLogic Network Implementation Service

  • Equipment Procurement
    IrisLogic offers a variety of inter-networking equipment, hardware, and software from industry leading vendors. Pre-tested networking products from our partners include routers, hubs, switches, and access devices.
  • Project Management
    The project manager works collaboratively with your technical team to develop a proposal detailing the installation procedure. Installation dates and scheduled activities are managed by the project manager according to equipment and personnel availability, and site readiness.
  • Testing, Staging, Configuration
    Our facilities support staging, testing, and configuration experimentation to ensure the viability and reliability of the network solution before going live.
  • Equipment Installation
    Proper product selection and dedicated on-site installation results in a robust environment that efficiently fuses new with existing technology.
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