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Embedded Solutions


Time-to-market success is the maxim of engineering managers who design the concepts that effectively meet end user demand. With the unique strength of offering composite services and complementary skills, IrisLogic is the preferred partner of many engineering organizations. We translate end user demand to useful products and services of the highest quality and performance. IrisLogic offers ‘Concept to Product Realization’ services to engineering managers, bringing product dreams to reality.

Our Embedded Solutions portfolio combines our Hardware Design and Systems expertise with the following service offerings for your embedded and systems requirements.

Sistems Software

Our strong expertise in UNIX and Linux flavored operating systems in addition to Real Time operating systems like VxWorks, Windows CE operating systems constitutes this group wherein we offer standalone software development and testing services in these areas or complement with our other offerings like Hardware and Application software development to provide end-to-end solutions. We have worked with UNIX, Linux, embedded Linux, RTOS including Windows CE, VxWorks, pSOS and embedded Java applications.

Device Drivers

We have developed several device drivers for various clients. We offer development services of BSPs (drivers and porting for various RTOS) and the design and re-engineering of subsystems using RTOS, including Win CE, ECOS, VxWorks, pSOS, and EPOC.

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