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Here at Irislogic we offer a wide range of services to transform your business, combining our experience with our innovative team we are able to provide bespoke solutions to solve any problem.

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Cloud Computing

IrisLogic realized the “Cloud Computing” potential several years ago, before the terminology was coined, by working with start-up organizations, fully understanding their needs are far more than just software design and development consulting. We partnered with datacenter throughout the globe to help our customer achieve this specific need of reaching out and scaling as business grows. Today our partnership with companies such as Microsoft, Amazon, Yahoo, Network Solutions, Cisco, and Google plays a vital role in providing cloud solution to our customers.

IrisLogic divides the benefits of Cloud into three main models:

  • Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS): IaaS IrisLogic model provides virtual servers through our partners with unique IP addresses and blocks of storage on demand. Customer can take benefit of API’s through which they can control infrastructure.
  • Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS): PaaS IrisLogic model provides tools and API hosted on our partners environment, such as Microsoft and Google.
  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS): SaaS IrisLogic model is the broadest of our cloud service portfolio where we develop custom software along with our clients.

Mobile Computing

Adoption rates of hosted VOIP and managed VOIP are increasing as more companies look to reduce the costs and complexities of deploying VOIP in house.

Mobile devices are proliferating in the workplace, making it easier for users to access business data and applications. While mobile technology enhances the productivity of users, it also puts strain on the IT organization that has to monitor, maintain and secure these devices.

QA and Testing

Web Application Testing

Our Irisians test Web-based applications for browser compatibility, outgoing links, functionality, load, and performance

Application Testing

IrisLogic offers testing solutions for your application at any stage of the software development cycle.

Automatation Testing

IrisLogic offers timely, cost-effective customized automated testing solutions for any application.

Globalization Testing

IrisLogic has unique ability and expertise in helping applications achieve this goal with proper QA processes and methodologies.

Security Testing

Web and Client/Server application has opened new platform for communication.

Performance Testing

Designing an application for performance is a fine art. Choice of data structures, components, framework, n-tier division...

Data Networking

IrisLogic’s networking & communication team provides end-to-end IT solutions in hardware & software design, development, and implementation. With a wide-range of expertise and experience in data- communication, telecommunication, system software, and VLSI-systems, our teams have executed many successful projects with the latest tools and technologies to help our customers achieve their business goals.

IrisLogic has invested heavily in developing world class networking lab at our offshore center for product testing as well as engineering. Our engineers have access to some of the latest gear from companies like Cisco, Extreme, IBM, EMC, Dell, HP, and Sun Microsystems. We constantly invest in the latest hardware and software to give state of the art access to our engineers.

Custom Software Development

An IrisLogic team can collaboratively put together a business strategy involving architecture, design, programming, testing, and implementation. Using the right tools, technologies, frameworks, and software development methodologies, IrisLogic delivers the right solutions that fully satisfy the evolving goals of our customers and their businesses.



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