Easy Employee Leave Management Solution That Requires Zero Installation

Easy Employee Leave Management Solution

Summer is here and so are employee vacations. Organizing employee leaves can cost you time and therefore money, but with IrisPTO, you can finally relax.

IrisPTO is IrisLogic Cloud-based employee leave management solution that is easy, affordable and scalable. One of the best things about IrisPTO is that it requires no installation whatsoever. You just need to sign up your organization and it’s ready to use!

 IrisPTO enable firms to track employee PTO balance and generates alert when leave balance reaches maximum hours allowed.

IrisPTO has a lot of useful options that all companies need:

  • Allows companies to add employees, manage employee leaves such as PTO, LWP, Special Leave
  • Allows mobile access using smart phones or tablets
  • Displays leaves accrued, taken and balance for each employee since joining date
  • Helps companies manage employee leaves
  • Creates users and user roles
  • Creates and manages employee records
  • Gives access rights to different user roles
  • Generates alerts for employee records when leaves balance reaches maximum hours

Safety First

IrisPTO maintains all company employee data in a very segregated and secure fashion, giving you the assurance that your data is safe.

Finally, IrisPTO is a very lightweight, flexible, cloud based employee leave management solution with a user-friendly interface. It is built on cutting edge technology that follows the best practices in all industries.

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