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Amazon Web Services is an Amazon company that offers on-demand cloud storage tools and APIs on a metered pay-as-you-go basis for individuals, companies, and governments. IrisLogic provide end-to-end services for businesses that use Amazon Web Services to create essential cloud solutions. Our deep expertise and automated designs and processes mean that we provide you with the fastest time to value AWS, whether you first migrate to AWS, provide 24 x 7 operational management of your AWS environments or leverage your business value AWS solutions through automation and cloud solutions. We will manage your cloud infrastructure with AWS while you’re focused on increasing your business. Get complete peace of mind with our controlled cloud hosting services for AWS.

Our AWS area of expertise include following key areas:

S3 And EC2

Amazon Cloud Search lets you manage a mobile application or website search solution. Amazon S3 stores a vast volume of data and the AWS EC2 lets developers easily install and manage cloud-based applications.

Serverless API And CloudWatch

We integrate Serverless API with ‘API Gateway’ Amazon Web Services allows clients to focus on their core activities. Cloud watch enables real-time surveillance of AWS resources

Lambda And CloudTail

AWS Lambda lets you execute code in response to unique events and AWS CloudTrail lets you record API calls and send log files for storage to Amazon S3 buckets.

Amazon Glacier, S3 And Route-53

We handle the data as an archival in a cost-effective way for the long term. IrisLogic have experience handling your DNS information in a simple way, hosting areas, DNS queries.

Amazon VPC And Elasticache

Cost-effectively, we handle your private cloud with ease. We, at IrisLogic, manage device caching via Redis and Memcached to deliver high performance.

Amazon RDS And Cloudfront

We specialize in setting and scaling up your database to make it simple and high performing. Our experts have the experience to speed up your static and dynamic web content delivery to your users in less time.

AWS Cloud Implementation

IrisLogic provides Amazon Web Services and follows the cloud computing approach in three steps.

  1. We develop a strategy for optimizing cloud performance and rethink ways to change your cloud business operations.
  2. We transform applications by rationalizing and migrating workloads, or by creating new cloud applications, as per the predefined strategy.
  3. Our cloud specialists optimize the allocation of the workload to public and private utilities for secured operations as per the business requirement.

Migration And Strategy Of AWS

Use our proven cloud migration services to migrate your simple to complex applications. Our realistic approach of AWS helps the customer turn their business into an agile business. We research in-depth about your current program and can help you move it to services AWS Cloud. After the process is complete, we get keys for an automated cloud environment that’s fit for your app. These are the steps covered under this process are.

  • Infrastructure migration: The proven method that our experts employ helps deploy your IT infrastructure into a successful relocation. This ensures a smooth transition with fewer downtimes.
  • Data migration: Assess the current infrastructure in your company & gather critical data. Carrying out a smooth analysis will help deliver a smooth process of cloud migration ahead.
  • Application migration: We offer successful application migration which bridges the technology gaps. IrisLogic’s powerful cloud computing services seamlessly push your device or product.
  • Cloud-native capabilities: We define how we deploy your applications live in the cloud with cloud-native services. IrisLogic effectively employs agile methods, DevOps, and other cloud platforms.

AWS For Mobile And Web

We use AWS services to build potent integrated mobile and web backends so that you can build and scale, using cloud power. We help app owners get the best performance out of their cloud environment, from enhancing content delivery to reducing dependencies. Work with data in real-time or analyze cloud big data with ease.

IrisLogic AWS Services

  • Secure : We offer the most comprehensive security capabilities to satisfy the most demanding requirements.
  • Compliant : We know that customers care deeply about data security and privacy. Our services offer all the functionalities, enablers, and legal agreements that are part of AWS customer compliance.
  • Hybrid : The professional experts at IrisLogic can assist you in building hybrid architectures that extend your on-site infrastructure to the cloud though amazon web services.
  • Scalable : At IrisLogic, we have vowed to make things easier for our clients. With just a few minutes’ notice, access as much or as little as you need, and scale up and down as needed.
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