Advantage of Power BI

power of BI

Power BI is a versatile Business Intelligence platform. It’s simple, intuitive and has what you want where you want it. It is robust and powerful to process any data. IrisLogic BI solutions makes you IT savvy. IT savvy organizations, according to the book IT Savvy from Harvard Business Press, have 20% higher margins when in comparison to the industry average.

In today’s fast paced world, with the addition of new technologies and expanding businesses and industries, data, and how it is managed, has become crucial. A number of companies have realized the priority of continuing in the know, i.e. the value of being a data savvy organizations. Visualizing data in compelling ways helps businesses to contemplate making agreements and looking events in a new dimension. Power BI tools help bond the gap between IT, analysts and business decision makers. Deciphering insights, decreased cycle time to advice, enhanced data efficiency and secure distribution are some of the key value contribution. We are proud to have helped many organizations migrate from static reports in Excel, requiring timely manual processes, to robust interactive Power BI solutions.

Power BI technology, including Power BI embedded, enables organizations to drive insights from a range of data sources and it can be used and viewed across many different levels of the business. Teams can securely access and collaborate on business specific content, make observations and help drive an organizational data culture. Our Power BI practice include methodologies and best practices which empowers teams to develop and maintain there own Power BI reports and dashboards.

There are many different BI platforms accessible, at IrisLogic we have a vertical focus on Microsoft Power BI. As part of Office 365, Power BI is an affordable, yet powerful, tool for entrust businesses to towards a preeminent insights. When it comes to BI, IrisLogic can help convert data into meaningful intelligence and provide answers to specific business inquest.

Our accomplished team of BI engineers take great pride in assuring that the simple, yet with smart BI solutions we develop are more than appealing charts and graphs boxed onto a canvas. We focus with the end in attention and assure all reports recognize specific business challenge that empower leaders to make intuitive business decisions. IrisLogic aim to reduce time, enhance adaptability and provide clear intuitions. Our custom Power BI solutions easily allow you to visually explore your data and ask specific business questions that drive profitability.

We are honored to help several organizations increase business growth and transformation through the powerful use of Power BI. We have over a decade of experience in Microsoft Business Intelligence and our team is dedicated to ensuring that our Power BI solutions have practical business applications that produce returns. We have the processes to be able to train teams and help build robust Power BI solutions. We ensure that our customers have all of the best practice foundations in place to continue the process of driving business change through effective data narrative.

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