Ad targeting: Why is it the right choice!

ad targeting

Advertising is crucial to your business, and its benefits are widely accepted and appreciated. However, advertising is also known to be a money guzzler, especially with traditional forms of media planning. For decades, advertisers and marketers aimed to spread their net wide and communicate their message to a broader audience in the hope that it reaches more people from their target group.

But advertising is not a big black hole anymore. Results such as target audience reach and impact need not be calculated by approximations and estimations of the percentage of the target audience in the universe of people the message was sent out to. Thanks to ad targeting by providers like IrisLogic, not only can you make sure that every penny spent is used to communicate with just your prospective customers but you can make sure your ad is seen, and at the time when your customer is considering your product category.

No more wastage, no more blind spots, no more talking to prospective customers at the wrong time, wrong place!

Ad targeting by IrisLogic delivers ads automatically by using specialised software and algorithms that place ads depending on the user’s data. Ads can be targeted based on your customer’s demographics and psychographics, or ad placement, the context of messaging and language.

Ad targeting is undoubtedly effective, in fact, it was pegged to have secured 2.7 times as much revenue as non-targeted ads, as shown by a study conducted in 2009 by the Network Advertising Initiative. But what makes ad targeting so effective? Here are just a few reasons why it play roulette online in canadais the right choice:

  1. Better user engagement

Accurately targeting the customer by demographics and psychographics makes it possible to make sure that the ads reach the customers who are most likely to interact with the ad and eventually buy the product or service. Targeting the ad by context, placement and language will make sure your ad is presented based on the context of the web page, and in a position that cannot be missed by your customer. In fact, options like remarketing make it possible for the ad to follow your most prospective customer until he/she interacts with your ad. Ads can also be further targeted by devices, for e.g. you can ensure that an ad for your iPhone app is strictly targeted at iPhone users and Android or Windows Phone users would not be exposed to the ad.

  • Effective use of campaign resources

Knowing your customer and speaking just to a specific group is a wiser investment of your dollar. In addition, it also requires fewer resources to set up e.g. time, people, etc. If you have more information regarding your target audience, you are able to use this information to make more concise decisions.

  • More targeting options

When it comes to ad targeting, IrisLogic prides itself not only on its accuracy but also in giving you a whole variety of options to target your ad. Select your prospective customer by age, geography, purchase patterns, the device he uses, the operating system he favours, the media he consumes, his hobbies… your list is endless. The options are developed with an aim to help advertisers craft targeted ad campaigns which resonate with a very specific audience.

  • Accurate ROI measurement

A higher understanding of your target market will allow you to achieve overall better results with your advertising campaigns. Make sure your ad reaches the right person at the right time is half the battle. Ad targeting also delivers a detailed breakdown of advertising data, making it easy to plot future campaign, course correct current campaign and gain learnings. Furthermore, you can calculate the ROI for the ad campaign which can affect more efficient business level decisions.

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