User Experience Matters

User Experience Matters

In today’s increasingly interconnected world, a key measure of success is how well your digital landscape is laid out. Your website, your blog, your mobile apps, online customer reviews, etc. in other words your digital presence, becomes the crux of your customer’s decision making process. Your digital assets have a direct impact on your revenue!

This is the time when you must be constantly paying attention to your ‘Digital User Experience (UX)’. Thomas Watson, IBM’s second President, once said, “Good design is good business” and today’s digital landscape is testimony to that. Good UX improves the overall customer experience and as Gartner puts it, 89% of the companies believe that Customer experience will their primary basis for competition in the years to come, and rightly so. Bad UX, on the other hand, has been cited as one of the primary reasons for customers to switch websites or apps, thereby eliminating a product or service from their decision making.

It is not just a perception, businesses that invest in user experience see a significant increase in their market share and customer retention and at the same time a decrease in costs for customer-acquisition, support, and training. As numerous studies have revealed, investing a dollar in user experience returns between $2 and $100.

There are numerous benefits to a world class UX, some of them being:

  • Increased user adoption: Easily increase the speed at which your users adopt your apps or website. Make a positive first impression and consistently deliver the best possible user experiences.
  • Creative go-to-market execution: Generate highly targeted, fully integrated, viral creative marketing campaigns that deliver direct business results.
  • Reduced time to market: Ensure your campaigns go to market faster with an agile ‘test and learn’ approach, underpinned by design thinking. Ensure the timely launch, redesign, or refresh of your apps.
  • Top line growth: Boost sales by delivering superior customer experience, thereby ensuring repeat usage and positive word of mouth

However, for good design to transform business outcomes, a good strategy is critical. Per a 2015, MIT Sloan report, digital strategy drives digital maturity and UX strategy constitutes a significant part of that maturation process. Companies need to rethink how their employees and customers interact with digital applications across different platforms.

Working with User Experience Creative Design experts like IrisLogic helps businesses successfully arrive at and implement a strong UX design strategy and at the same time also improve user interface. User Interface of any application is prime factor to the successful implementation of any application. It is not only about functionality that is covered on a screen, but how is it represented with intuitive interface design. Each piece of information matters and navigation orientation is important for successful adoption, and ease of training.

With IrisLogic UX design services, enterprises can expect their users to adapt to their applications more quickly, in addition to enhancing customer satisfaction and increasing net promoter scores. IrisLogic User Experience Creative Design Services address:

  • Design strategy: We work with you to understand and define the scope, and develop a strategy to deliver a world-class user experience.
    Mobile application design: We design, redesign, or refresh apps, aligning them with the latest standards for different operating systems, across different types of devices.
  • Data visualization: We collect and interpret data to reduce noise and maximize insights.
    User research: Our upfront generative research enables design validation through usability testing and eye-tracking.
  • Digital creative solution: We offer integrated campaign solutions including marketing websites, microsites, and fully executed social media campaigns.


User Experience is a critical aspect of your business success and a key differentiator. It is about creating digital applications that are useful, usable, and delightful.

A user will always have an experience whether you design for it or not. A negative user experience can cost you sales, retention, loyalty, market share, and brand value while a positive user experience can result in profits and customer loyalty.

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