Covid-19 and Digital Transformation

Covid-19 and Digital Transformation

Covid-19 gave organizations really good opportunity to show how their infrastructure and services are scalable by being able to turn up emergency bandwidth for their customers in a record time. Covid-19 has also had a measurable increase in their customers understanding of how important digital capabilities are because those organizations that fared the best throughout year were the ones that were prepared with their digital transformation.

Admittedly, 2020 has created more than a brave new world. It’s a world of opportunity rapidly pressuring organizations of all sizes to rapidly adopt technology to not just survive, but to thrive. When it comes to next-generation apps and devices, edge compute the ability to process data in real time at the edge of a network without sending it back to the cloud to be processed—has to be the focus.

For example, when a robot senses something and sends that sensor data back to the application, which may be on-site, it may be in some edge compute location, the speed at which that data can be collected, transported to the application, analyzed, and a response generated, directly affects the speed at which that device can operate. This data must be analyzed and acted on in real time to be useful to the organization.

Organizations want to be able to detect something and react to it in near real time. Edge compute is the function that allows organizations to enter the next industrial revolution, and this is the new reality. Organizations are moving from that hype stage into reality and making it available for their customers.

Digital Transformation, it’s really driven by that availability and ubiquity of smart devices. Smart devices are generating data, and enterprises and businesses, their ability to be successful is really being driven by their ability to acquire, analyze, and act on the data coming from smart devices, to be able to improve their products and services, improve their outcomes as a business and differentiate themselves from competitors.

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