Cisco Spark – A futuristic and secure collaboration platform!

Communication needs to be agile. Mobile. Collaborative. All thanks to mobile devices and evolving innovations in infrastructure and applications. The Cisco Spark services makes instant communications and live meetings possible through a deeply integrated set of industry leading communications tools for an unmatched collaboration experience that Cisco cloud may deliver along with the implementation partners – IrisLogic.

Background: Cisco Spark is an app-centric cloud-based service that provides a complete collaboration suite for teams to create, meet, message, call, care, whiteboard, share, regardless of whether they’re together or apart; in one continuous work stream before, during, and after meetings. It is built to make teams work seamlessly. It is a
simple, secure, complete, and open service that enables people to work better.

Simple: Delivered entirely from the Cisco cloud, Cisco Spark is designed so that each activity makes the user and administrator experience simple and intuitive. It’s easy to use and easy to manage. And it’s offered on a simple subscription basis, so customers can add services on demand, in the cloud or on-premises.

Secure: Cisco’s extensive experience securing the world’s largest networks, combined with our communications and cloud expertise, helps ensure that Cisco Spark is secure and reliable.

Complete: Cisco’s best collaboration tools in one complete service deliver a great experience regardless of location or device. Meet, message, and call anyone, anywhere, anytime. And because we host the service in our cloud, it’s always up to date.

Open: Cisco’s Spark APIs and integrations are key to helping you to digitize your business. Self-enabled integrations and bots, easy-to-use APIs, and the ability to customize these to your existing processes and work streams.

  • Meetings: Bring together to create, communicate and collaborate in a one continuous work stream before, during, and after the meeting so teams can be even more effective, across any mobile or video device. Invite others to join meetings from their desk, a branch office, at home, or on the road.
  • Messaging: The ability to exchange messages and share files with another person or a group of people. Message anyone. Choose someone from your company directory or simply enter anyone’s email address and start messaging customers, partners, anyone you need to work with.
  • Calling: Cisco Spark includes a cloud-based phone system. With Cisco Spark, you can make calls to any other Cisco Spark user in any company via SIP dialing, as well as calling regular landline and mobile phones via the PSTN1. You can make and receive calls from a phone connected to the Cisco Spark service in the office or from the Cisco Spark app on your mobile phone or desktop.

Rich & Effective Meeting Experiences: Bring people together to create, communicate and collaborate in one continuous work stream before, during, and after the meeting so teams can be even more effective. Increase productivity, make better decisions, faster.

Business Messaging: Keep fingers on the pulse with persistent content and context inteam messaging sessions and virtual spaces. Unlimited one-to-one or team messaging. HD Audio & Video Calls Boost employee productivity with the ability to call anyone from anywhere. Seamlessly move conversations between mobile, desktop, room devices; and back again. Common contacts, calendar, and call history from mobile to desktop.

 Why IrisLogic?

For past 18 years, IrisLogic along with its partnership with Cisco, delivers a powerful set of communications and collaboration services for all the ways you need to communicate. Maybe you’re a startup business with an ad hoc solution, or you have an outdated key system or PBX and want to upgrade. Perhaps you’ve already made the move to IP or deployed a cloud-based service and want to expand your capabilities even further. IrisLogic will take your communications to the next level by providing the benefits of a complete business collaboration service for everyone in your company: one service, one experience, for everyone. Our insights may help you build a data networking and telecommunication services that will impact your business. We will showcase how we can work together either through your existing infrastructure to improve your bottom line using collaboration and technology ROI.

About IrisLogic

IrisLogic drives excellence – not only in our performance, but also in the results we deliver for our clients. We are a global software consultancy that combines the insight of our strategists, the vision of our innovators, and the ingenuity of our engineers to achieve this extraordinary impact. Fortune 500 trusts us to build solutions focused on growing revenue and profits by amplifying competitive advantage and strengthening customer relationship.

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