IrisLogic is now a ‘Cisco Premium Partner


Here’s why we think it’s mind-blowingly awesome news

The atmosphere at IrisLogic office is one of euphoria and pride, and one just cannot escape the contagious cheer that’s gripped our office recently. Why? That’s because we are honoured to have been chosen by Cisco as their ‘Premier Partner’ and are already working enthusiastically towards grabbing the “Gold” Partnership title.  This recognition is awarded to partners who have met Cisco’s high standards for networking competency, service, technical support and customer satisfaction.

The real reason we are so thrilled about this development is that being a “Premier Partner’ helps us serve our customers better. We now offer an end-to-end IT solution with cutting edge technology from Cisco, have proven expertise in building end-to-end networking and can offer Cisco equipment to our customers at the best prices. And at IrisLogic, nothing makes us happier than a Happy Customer!

But what does being a ‘Premier Partner’ really entail? What’s the story behind the exclusive title? Let’s delve into some broad details below.

What does the ‘Premier Partner’ Title mean?

Being a Cisco Premier Partner certifies that IrisLogic has Cisco Certified Engineering Solution and Expertise to help our customers with end to end IT solutions. The Cisco Premier Certification is a recognition that we have demonstrated a commitment to technical excellence and continued education. This expertise includes technical competency in the integration of routing and switching, Data Centers, IoT, SD WAN, wireless LANs, and security technologies.

In other words, it means that we have won Cisco’s confidence that we have the engineering know-how and capabilities to transform customers’ hybrid IT and build Datacenters, Cloud Solutions, Wireless Services, and Security solution. In fact, we now specialize in end to end networking.

How do our customers benefit?

Being Premier Partners, we are poised to help our customers win in today’s digital economy. For IrisLogic customers, this translates into having the best in class IT solutions and services and delivered through cutting-edge product range that Cisco has to offer to meet their future investment and growth.

– With a better focus and understanding of our customer’s technology needs and access to Cisco’s cutting edge technology, IrisLogic can find the right solution for their business.

– IrisLogic’s access to best-in-class Cisco products and services, technical support, productivity tools, and online training mean better service and support to our customers

– IrisLogic can now offer Cisco products and solutions at a discounted rate.

Our joint-offering

The strategic relationship between Cisco and IrisLogic combines a fundamental understanding of the customer’s business as well as the IT system environments. Cisco’s leadership in connectivity products and solutions coupled with IrisLogic’s expertise in Enabling IT solutions and services!

Our go-to-market includes the following collaboration areas

  • Data Centers
  • Hybrid IT
  • Networking
  • Cloud Solutions
  • Wireless Services
  • Security
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