Artificial Intelligence + Cloud Computing = Intelligent Cloud

Artificial Intelligence + Cloud Computing = Intelligent Cloud

Cloud computing and Artifical Intelligence have both had an unprecedented impact on how businesses operate today. While one has remarkably enhanced data storage and thereby data consumption, the later has sophisticated how this data can be used to modernise enterprises.

But as powerful as these technologies are standalone, we see greater potential in an aggregation. Artificial intelligence has the potential to usher in a new age of Cloud Computing. After witnessing the recent developments in cloud technology combined with the increasing sophistication of programmers in Artificial Intelligence, we are confident in our estimation of how it is affecting businesses, today.

We have witnessed small changes in the field of cloud computing with the emergence of mobile phones in place of computers, and the Internet of Things. But now the industry is focused on how AI can enhance cloud technologies just like cloud technology has made significant contributions in AI development.

Here is the difference; the current usage of the cloud involves computing, storage and networking. But with AI powering cloud technology, the capabilities of the cloud can improve vastly. The Cloud becomes Intelligent, as it learns from the vast amount of data that is being stored in it, to build up predictions and analyse situations. In effect, the Cloud will serve as a unified

intelligent platform that can perform tasks far more efficiently.

Integration of AI and cloud computing can act as a source of innovation, and a means to accelerate change. AI can provide the Cloud with the required data, while the Cloud can help AIs with the information that they need to learn. AI and cloud computing are dependent on each other; this can aid significantly in transformation and development. Doesn’t that explain why many leading companies are researching to validate this engineering aspect?

Groundbreaking Transformations in AI thanks to the Cloud

Today, AI devices are learning beings capable of great things. It enables machines to learn, think, act, and react like human beings. AI helps machines to analyze and learn from the historical data, identify patterns and make real-time decisions. A prominent example that solidifies this fact is how an AI defeated the world’s best Go player with moves and strategies that even the Go player hadn’t considered.

AI is also driving change in many practical fields like voice-responsive command systems in which AIs respond to human commands. AIs responding to voice commands have already made their way into our lives. We have already seen AIs like Alexa, Google Voice, Siri, and Cortana who can respond to voice commands. While there are many improvements yet to be made in AIs, companies aim at creating an AI that can communicate like human beings.

Cloud companies can assist companies to achieve this objective. Many cloud servers collect and store the data which AIs can access and use for decision-making and learning things such as holding a conversation, and so on. In this process, AIs can transfer this newly collected data back to the cloud, in turn, helping other AIs to learn as well.

Intelligent Cloud

The potential benefits of combining AI and the cloud are endless. As a result, companies that specialize in one of those two are putting their efforts in getting involved in both. As per data, many cloud machine learning platforms combine machine learning with cloud but don’t have deep learning frameworks.

With all the capabilities provided by the Intelligent Cloud, it is by far the most disruptive technological change in the market. With ever-increasing competition, the Intelligent Cloud will become a core necessity in managing business operations and helping companies stay ahead in the race. The interdependency of cloud computing and artificial intelligence is sure to be the essence of any systems or applications developed in the future.

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