Software design and development for secure platform is central key to keep digital assets and communication intact and shared on user privilege basis. This requires deep understanding of security protocols and platforms.

IrisLogic over a past decade has successfully completed several projects in this key area. Some of the main focus areas have been:

  • IrisLogic has key platform development experience in: GNU C/C++, TCP/IP Programming, IPSec, VPN, SNMP, TLS, LDAP v.3, SIP, SSH, S/MIME, HTTPS, and X.509 certificates.
  • IrisLogic has implemented security solutions following algorithms: RSA, DSA, DES, Triple-DES, SHA, BlowFish, RC2, and RC4
  • IrisLogic team has used following APIs and tool for Cryptography Tools: CrytoAPI, cryptlib, Apache-SSL module, mod-ssl, Java Security Toolkit, openPGP, XAML, OCAML, Single Sign On (SSO) protocols, Java Cryptography Architecture(JCA), Java Secure Socket Extension(JSSE), Windows SDK Security API
  • IrisLogic has implemented 3rd party APIs, such as, Paypal SDK as custom implementation for many our clients
  • IrisLogic has also competency around design and implementation of security platform for enterprise customers such as: Security of Apache Web Server, SSL implementation, Cisco PIX, CheckPoint Software, Symantec Enterprise Network Security Software, Open Source IPCop, and Microsoft Windows Security Solutions