Biometrical Security allows faster and more convenient access than typing a password – all you need is your finger!

Protect your network, mobile devices, and workstations from unauthorized users with SecurNet Solutions. Managed from a central location, your security is ensured and privacy is protected at all times.

Key Features

  • Supports local or remote enrollment.
    In a network environment, the administrator can require a user to enroll his or her finger at the login time, freeing the administrator and user from having to be in the same location at the same time.
  • Uses familiar Microsoft user interfaces and Wizards
  • Supports silent installation, so user involvement is not required
  • Supports multiple fingers per user
  • Provides a “Password-Free” environment
  • When a user is required to enter a new password for an expiring password, it can be verified with their enrolled finger against the current (expiring) password (which does not need to be remembered), and then type any new password because neither the old nor the new password needs to be remembered.
  • Client and server network transactions are secured using encryption and session keys
  • Templates are encrypted and stored on the server or local machine, so they are not usable or available to any other application
  • Extends Microsoft’s Active Directory Schema