[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Authentication establishes the identity of a sender and/or receiver of information and is a critical component of secure communication. Confidential information can be meaningless if the identity of the sending or receiving party is not properly established. Authentication is applicable to all forms of network communication, whether through intranet e-mail or internet sales orders.

All authentication procedures require an individual to specify who s/he is and to relay the appropriate credentials for verification. Credentials can be passwords and/or sophisticated biometrics such as Iris scans, palm scans, or voice recognition.

Choosing the right authentication technology largely depends on the specific location and the degree of trust placed in the various points of the network in question.

IrisLogic offers the following SecurNet Authentication products for this solution:

  • Checkpoint Certificate Manager
  • RSA SecurID Authenticators
  • VeriSign Digital ID