Web and Client/Server application has opened new platform for communication. Information is available right at our finger tips with click of few buttons. The biggest enemy to this information share is fundamental data security. As more and more organizations wants there customer to reply on Internet for all sort of applications, such as financials and health advice, it is imperative the designers, coders, and testers provide full proof security to these Internet enabled applications. It is the right of customer that your application should not be used for sending a malicious virus onto the client machine. It will bring immense negative publicity and years of your hard work in building a “Brand”, will go waste.

IrisLogic has a unique QA solution offering for finding security issues at code, web, and infrastructure level of any type of application. Our engineers can scan through your code, marking segments vulnerable to exposing your application on the Internet. We can insure your application is compliant to regulations, is hack proof, and not vulnerable to cyber attacks. We have trained staff who can inform your IT about any outbreak and what action plans to prepare. Hackers are smart folks, but with a destructive mind. Our Security specialist keep a track of what is latest happening, and what preventive actions should be taken to avoid any pitfalls.


IrisLogic security testing offerings has following elements:

  • Application design risk analysis, threat modeling, and penetration testing
  • Scan and certify your application against virus threats
  • Compliance testing such as PCI, DSS, ISO 27001, and SOX
  • Data Privacy testing by code analysis at JavaScript, AJAX, Web Services, SQL Injection layers, Buffer over runs, Spoofing, access control, and more
  • Training and Documentation on Good Practices for Secure Coding, avoiding pitfalls (what not to do while designing and coding)