Designing an application for performance is a fine art. Choice of data structures, components, framework, n-tier division, design patterns, threads, UI framework, and schema design are all pieces of puzzles that define how well your application will work on a given infrastructure. No wonder, with this complexity of choices, few perform better with least amount of vertical scale requirements. Finding what it takes to build such an application and how well it will perform on various platforms is also an art, which IrisLogic provides as part of QA solution.

IrisLogic helps define it customers performance analysis, objectives, matrix, tuning, and giving an unbiased report on what works and what portions does not work. Clearly, choice of components, communications protocols, and distributed architecture command response time for your users. IrisLogic can help measure, evaluate, and give recommendations of how to improve your application as part of QA solution. In the past, we have worked product companies such as Sun Microsystems to conduct thorough performance checks on various client/server as well as web products and services.


Services that we offer as part of QA Performance services are:

  • Build a strategy and system evaluation report for application performance target, usage, risk, workload, and metrics
  • Baseline and load test application and collect matrics using tools like LoadRunner or openSTA or JMeter or customer specific
  • Profile and Debug application using tools like JProfiler for performance
  • Identify bottlenecks, report, and give recommendations
  • Based upon customer code changes, restructure scripts, iterate performance cycle, validate and verify
  • Detailed documentation on metrics and recommendations