The Quality Assurance Institute lists eight critical success factors for client server technologies:

  • Solve the right business problem
  • Supply adequate capacities to satisfy user requests
  • Provide ease of use
  • Implement effective processes and standards
  • Integrate data, hardware, and software effectively
  • Use technology compatible with the organization’s culture
  • Have resources that perform tasks efficiently
  • Plan for growth



IrisLogic’s professional testing and software engineers thoroughly test an application’s business logic, usability, integration, and scalability. Using the best tools available, our Irisians test the following features as part of our comprehensive test plan:

  • Graphical User Interface – test every aspect of the GUI
  • Client load testing – test the application functionality for multiple client sessions to make the application work as a whole.
  • Server Load testing – test the server performance and functionality under heavy loads.
  • Input/Output errors – test the I/O error handling mechanism
  • Server crash – test the crash recovery mechanism of the client server application.
  • Resource contention – test the system response when two or more clients want the same resource.

Irisians examine the N-tier client server architecture and prepare a list of possible points of failure. We design a test plan to cover such points and thoroughly test the application under increasing loads, using scripts to create reports for analysis. Our test analyst then reports on the areas that require additional alterations or improvements.