Network Services Practice

Organizations are encumbered with inefficient network infrastructure are challenged by rising communication costs and poor business agility. Multiple IT systems in an enterprise are difficult to manage, secure,operate, and update. They can lead to inefficiency, decreased productivity and are likely to increase the Total Cost of Ownership. Lack of collaboration capabilities among a geographically diverse workforce can extend time-to-market as well.

IrisLogic ‘Network Service Practice’ provides the assistance you need to harness the benefits of evolving networking. IrisLogic offers a complete line of professional services to plan, build, operate and optimize your network across the enterprise, points of presence and business partners. We apply our extensive real world experience with proven methodologies to help you expand, modernize and transform your network infrastructure.


IrisLogic Network Services create a secure and superior network environment that accommodates the convergence of voice and data systems and supports the organization’s growth agenda. Our Key areas of focus are:

Network Planning and Analysis Services

IrisLogic can help you right from planning and analysis phase of your network. Our team of experts can work with you in the following areas:

Planning Services:

  • Network Planning
  • Network Analysis
  • Technology Integration

IrisLogic Solution:

  • Detailed Requirement Analysis
  • Network Optimization
  • Network assessment and planning
  • Network integration planning

Client Advantage:

  • Detailed Technology Map
  • Optimized network design
  • Equipment re-use plans
  • Capital and operate impact models
  • Network growth plans
  • Optimized capital and operations growth
  • Forcast of technology and capability matrix

Network Deployment Services

IrisLogic can lead end-to-end effort of your network deployment. From EF&I design to post deployment verification, we do provide entire service with proven methodology.

Design and Deployment Services:

  • Network Design EF&I
  • Post Deployment Verfication

IrisLogic Solution:

  • Site and Engineering
  • Field Engineering Services
  • Fiber Qualification
  • EF&I, Test, Commissioning
  • Traffic Integration
  • Network Audit
  • Consulting Services
  • Project Management

Client Advantage:

  • Equpiment Layout Design
  • Site readiness check, drawings, material list, and instructions
  • Cabling Information
  • Software Provisioning
  • Test and Turn Up
  • Project Schedule
  • Acceptance Testing and Documentation

Network Support Services

IrisLogic can help you in your OSS integration all the way to monitoring services. We have help in integration, technology plan, and procurement of equipment as well:

Support Services:

  • System Integration Support
  • OSS/BSS Development
  • OSS Integration

IrisLogic Solution:

  • Networking Planning
  • Define Systems Requirements
  • Gap Analysis
  • Network Analysis
  • Technology Integration
  • Technology plans
  • System procurement and integration recommendation
  • Monitoring Services

Client Advantage:

  • Extensive documentation on requirements and design
  • Detailed Process map
  • Detailed Dataflow and Data models
  • OSS Recommendations

Network Operations Analysis Services

IrisLogic can help you in operational analysis and optimization of your network. We can do benchmarking on the existing practice.

Support Services:

  • Network Operations Support
  • Process Engineering

IrisLogic Solution:

  • Current Practice Benchmarking
  • Technology focused process refinement
  • Operation models
  • Plans for core Operations process automation
  • Change Management

Client Advantage:

  • Deliver and implement optimized processes for maintenance and service delivery
  • Operations cost savings
  • Decreased maintenance and spares costs
  • Improved network performance
  • Decreased system mean time
  • Increased network availability and reliability

Networking and Communications:

IrisLogic’s networking & communication team provides end-to-end IT solutions in hardware & software design, development, and implementation. With a wide-range of expertise and experience in data- communication, telecommunication, system software, and VLSI-systems, our teams have executed many successful projects with the latest tools and technologies to help our customers achieve their business goals.

Spurred by greater competition, demanding customers, and a need for a generation-next technology, service providers and telecom equipment vendors are looking to break new grounds.

IrisLogic has invested heavily in developing world class networking lab at our offshore center for product testing as well as engineering. Our engineers have access to some of the latest gear from companies like Cisco, Extreme, IBM, EMC, Dell, HP, and Sun Microsystems. We constantly invest in the latest hardware and software to give state of the art access to our engineers.

IrisLogic dedicated offshore lab setup is ideal for network device manufacturers since testing such products requires a secure, isolated environment and dedicated infrastructure. Our CMMi Level 5 rated software quality management processes are adapted to meet individual customer scenarios and to establish the engagement framework. QA teams are formed to meet specific technical qualifications and guidelines as per customer need in order to ensure the best quality of service.

IrisLogic offers in-depth expertise in network and communications equipment and solutions testing. The following are IrisLogic key broad areas of expertise:

  • Datacomm (Enterprise switching devices)
    • SAN/WAN/LAN – Edge switch
    • 10/100/1000 Ethernet L2/L3 switches
    • VoIP, Media Gateway
  • Broadband Access
    • xDSL – Three generations of ADSL
    • WiFi / MAC
  • Telecom
    • Metro – Multi-port ESCON to OC48 Mux
    • SONET OC3/OC12/OC48 line cards – ATM & POS
    • T1/E1, T3/E3 uplink cards with IMA
  • Storage
    • SCSI-FC bridge
  • Network Management
    • HPoV based Device Managers
    • Tcl/Tk based Element Managers
    • AdventNet based NMS
    • Web-based management applications
  • Micro-code for Network Processors
    • L2/L3 wire-speed switching at 100/1000 Ethernet, OC48 data rates
  • Development & porting of protocol stacks

Network Architecture and Security:

IrisLogic provides complete network design, architecture, implementation and support services. We can provide optimum solutions for 24×7 web monitoring, technical support, firewall, VPN, authentication, policy implementation, intrusion detection, and anti-virus support.

The network solutions our team provides are:

 Network Security & Arch Solutions

  • Network Security & Arch Solutions
  • Web Monitoring Services
  • Biometrical Security
  • Security Audit
  • Firewall Solutions
  • VPN Solutions
  • Authentication Solutions
  • Virus Defense
  • Intrusion Detection

Network Audit Services:

IrisLogic SecurNet Audit Services are an essential procedure for every organization in order to accurately collect conclusive information about the vulnerabilities of a network and provide effective solutions. However, before beginning a security audit, IT managers must first define the reasons for implementing risk management to help determine the objectives for the organization. The objectives should always keep in mind the basic tenet of risk management: create a positive impact on the bottom line.

SecurNet Audits are performed on-site and consist of six essential phases:

  • External Security AssessmentEvery network must be protected from external attacks. IrisLogic’s first audit phase determines the viability of existing hardware in preventing attacks such as denial of service, IP spoofing, ping of death, routing redirection, and so on. State-of-the-art security tools and scripts are used in a concerted effort to attack existing network firewalls to discover every possible external security vulnerability.
  • Network AnalysisNetworks can be viewed as complex engines, but often a single point or area of failure is to blame for poor network performance. IrisLogic’s comprehensive Network Analysis delves deeply into the customer’s network topology to determine the quality and effectiveness of the current network technologies. Documentation provides a detailed analysis of existing network problems.
  • Host AnalysisCritical servers or identified hosts on the network are inspected for possible security failures. In this phase, IrisLogic uses sophisticated host scanners to inspect the servers, determine what services the hosts are running, and identify levels of patch revisions, file permissions, password files, and so on.
  • Threat AnalysisThreat analysis plays an important role in building an effective security policy. IrisLogic takes a holistic approach, using industry research, trends in criminal activity and regulatory measures, and changes in technology as our knowledge base. Armed with cutting-edge knowledge, we can accurately assess a customer’s vulnerability to an outside attack.
  • Policy AnalysisThe next phase in building an effective security policy is to carefully analyze the existing corporate security policy. Employees are interviewed to determine policy awareness and adherence, while existing policy documents are reviewed for content. Through this process, implied, official, and unofficial risks are brought forward and reconciled with the Threat Analysis. The production of a new or revised security policy completes the phase.
  • Audit Report & RecommendationsWhen all the necessary data have been collected from the previous five phases, a report is provided to management, as well as an oral presentation to company personnel. The Audit Report details the issues involved with security architecture, network topology, risks, and policies. Finally, recommended solutions are outlined, which include a timeline and projected costs.

Network Infrastructure Services:

Infrastructure support and solution practice at IrisLogic provides ongoing services for remote support, adhoc network consulting, solutions around UNIX/Linux & Windows platforms, email and messaging services, proxy and web server services, and high availability solutions.

Google Apps, or Microsoft Business Productivity Online (BPOS), IrisLogic network engineers can work with your IT managers to design and implement solutions for globally distributed work force at affordable and budget sensitive points.

To read more about it:

Network Consulting Services:

Networks have evolved from simple office backbones to complex e-Business infrastructures that can improve operational efficiency, enhance productivity, and provide new customer services. IrisLogic SecurNet network solutions will transform your cumbersome network into a strategic business asset.

Irisians (our core engineers) strive to enhance the productivity and effectiveness of your networking environment by delivering reliable solutions within the budget and timeline allotted. Our customers are trusted partners who are kept informed of the latest strategy, design, and technology developments. IrisLogic offers consulting and implementation services to provide you with an ideal SecurNet Network solution:

IrisLogic Network Consulting Service

  • Traffic Analysis
  • Profile current network traffic and assess your business objectives and goals in relation to network performance to determine the optimal software and hardware configuration required to meet your traffic requirements.
  • Protocol Architecture
    Design your network for efficiency, value, robustness, and scalability
  • Network Addressing Scheme
    Rollout an IP addressing structure for your network
  • Router Configuration and Optimization
    Configure your new or existing network hardware and software to work in harmony. Leverage a high rate of return on initial network investment.

IrisLogic Network Implementation Service

  • Equipment Procurement
    IrisLogic offers a variety of inter-networking equipment, hardware, and software from industry leading vendors. Pre-tested networking products from our partners include routers, hubs, switches, and access devices.
  • Project Management
    The project manager works collaboratively with your technical team to develop a proposal detailing the installation procedure. Installation dates and scheduled activities are managed by the project manager according to equipment and personnel availability, and site readiness.
  • Testing, Staging, Configuration
    Our facilities support staging, testing, and configuration experimentation to ensure the viability and reliability of the network solution before going live.
  • Equipment Installation
    Proper product selection and dedicated on-site installation results in a robust environment that efficiently fuses new with existing technology.

Remote Support Services:

IrisLogic’s data center can provide Web remote support your company, regardless of its size. If requested, we can completely take over PC and server maintenance from our data center. We offer month-to-month plan supports, as well as yearly contracts.

Our Microsoft-Certified engineers have several years of experience in Windows, Exchange, and Internet technologies and security. The cost savings of taking advantage of IrisLogic’s Web Remote Support services can be substantial, since an experienced full-time professional in your organization could cost an average of $125,000 per year. These services can be delivered via a web browser without the need to install any additional software.

Unix Services:

A well-designed infrastructure allows an organization to develop an intranet that is sufficiently robust and reliable to handle any potential application required for the business. IrisLogic has certified engineers who understand customer requirements and can provide them with end-to-end solutions. Here is a list of SecurNet’s Solaris solutions:


  • Assessment
  • Capacity Planning
  • Architect for an enterprise-wide solution for Solaris
  • Design server, storage, inter-networking and security environment
  • Network File Sharing
  • Enterprise Backup Solution
  • Machine Installation, upgrade and configuration
  • Hardware and software procurement
  • Performance Tuning
  • High Availability Solutions

Windows Services:

SecurNet provides high performance Windows domain infrastructure solutions by offering a full range of products and services. Our Microsoft-Certified professionals and systems engineer have a thorough understand of a wide-variety of tools, software, hardware, and systems.

A sound infrastructure will allow your firm to develop an intranet robust enough to handle any potential application you might need. Building upon a well-designed architecture will allow you to create a very reliable, responsive system that scales to meet your organizational needs.


  • Assessment
  • Domain Architecture
  • Capacity planning
  • Corporate Email Solutions
  • BackOffice Solutions
  • Enterprise Backup
  • Strategy Performance Monitoring
  • Hardware and software procurement
  • High Availability Solutions
  • Integration with UNIX

Messaging Infrastructure Services:

“To send and receive e-mail” is always cited as the number one reason to use the Internet. Since e-mailing is considered the most important activity on the Web, the number of mail server products is large and growing, even though there are major vendors in this industry.

To effectively embrace Internet Mail as a new business channel for interaction with customers and partners, you need an experienced partner who can tailor solutions to give you a cross-platform competitive advantage with dependable and effective solutions.

IrisLogic offers your business the flexibility to choose from a wide-range of messaging features. Take advantage of IrisLogic’s end-to-end SecurNet Messaging Infrastructure services including:

  • Mail architecture & design
  • Hardware selection
  • Software selection
  • Deployment
  • Performance Tuning
  • Implement email security
  • Support
  • Migration services


For Internet mail servers, a very important factor is the support of standards. The major protocols are SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) for outgoing mail and POP3 (Post Office Protocol) for incoming mail. A more recent protocol is IMAP4 (Internet Messaging Access Protocol), which offers a number of important features, including user management of mail on the server. Other Internet protocols include ESMTP (Extended Simple Mail Transfer Protocol), APOP (Authenticated Post Office Protocol), MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions), and Ph (Directory Access protocol). Many mail servers are also adding S/MIME, SSL, or RSA support (for message encryption) and LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) support (for accessing operating system directory information about mail users). In general, the more standards a server supports, the better.

Due to the increasing volume of e-mail traffic, the scalability of a mail server for an organization can be a major issue. It is also important because mail server products tend to differentiate themselves by the message volume of their target customer and the number of e-mail accounts they support. Some are intended for corporate and enterprise e-mail, often processing millions of messages in a short period of time and providing accounts for more than 100,000 users, while others target small businesses that may handle only a few thousand messages per week and support less than 100 users.

The highly-publicized viruses that attack via mail clients have put the spotlight on e-mail as a major point of vulnerability in an enterprise’s firewall. In response, mail server vendors (along with major client vendors) have begun producing add-ons and built-in features that help to scan e-mail, segregate questionable messages, and deal with viruses and spam mail. As might be expected, this is a rapidly expanding element of e-mail servers and should be considered important when comparing products.

E-mail servers are also know to rank high in installation and management difficulty. That’s because they are tied to inherently variable source (Internet connection and e-mail traffic) and because they require constant attention to user lists, user rights, and message storage. Thus, it’s important to look for servers that provide a certain modicum of ease of use. A GUI interface is nice, but it is not necessarily the route to easy administration. The type of interface is often related to the user’s platform / operating system, and it is important to keep in mind that many products are intended to run solely on a single platform, such as Unix or Windows.

Proxy Server Services:

A proxy server is an intermediary between a workstation user and the Internet to ensure security and provide administrative control & caching service. A proxy server is associated with or part of a gateway server that separates the enterprise network from the outside network and a firewall server that protects the enterprise network from intrusion.

IrisLogic offers consulting and implementation services to provide you with an ideal SecurNet Proxy Server solution delivered within budget and on time. IrisLogic offers the following proxy server products:

  • Microsoft Proxy Server
  • Squid Proxy Server
  • Surfwatch URL Filtering


Organizations can reduce network traffic and user wait times by using Proxy Server to distribute and manage information. Proxy Server caches frequently accessed documents automatically and requests data from its source only when that source has been updated or has expired, which reduces network traffic and gives users access to fresh content without the wait.

Organizations can configure arrays of proxies for better scalability and reliability. Proxy arrays enable distributed caching for efficient load balancing and fault tolerance.

Increase network security and user productivity by filtering content and controlling both internal and external access to information. Proxy Server lets administrators limit access to objectionable content at the Internet gateway by filtering URLs, content such as viruses and HTML tags, and content types such as ActiveX.

Proxy Server makes it easy for administrators to manage intelligent networks of proxies. Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) support eases user and group management in a distributed environment.

Web Server Services:

IrisLogic SecurNet offers comprehensive application development solutions, as well as networking solutions to help you deliver e-applications to your audience. Our Irisians deliver high performance Web server solutions integrated with security and high availability technology. Here is a list of some of the Web server product categories and corresponding products that IrisLogic offers:

  • Operation System – Solaris, Windows, Linux
  • Web Servers – Apache, IIS, Netscape Enterprise Server
  • Application Server – WebLogic, JBoss, GlassFish, WebSphere, Tomcat
  • Reporting Tools – Google Analytics, WebTrends
  • High Availability – Stonebeat, Cisco Local Director, Legato
  • Hardware – Compaq, Sun

A well-designed infrastructure will allow your firm to develop an intranet robust enough to handle any potential application you might need. Building upon a solid architecture will allow you to create a very reliable, responsive system that scales to meet your changing needs.

SecurNet Web Server solutions are performed on-site and consist of the following nine phases:

  • Assessment
  • Capacity Planning
  • Hardware / Software Procurement
  • Hardware Configuration
  • Web Design
  • Web Security
  • Web Security
  • Co-Location
  • Application Development
  • High Availability

Further Details

Web Design – When it comes to cutting-edge Web design, knowledge of HTML and Web authoring tools just isn’t enough. The creation of appealing and relevant graphics takes talent and variables such as purpose, structure, style, and compatibility must be perfectly aligned in the design process to create an outstanding website. IrisLogic works with design experts to bring your website from concept to reality.

Web Security – No system is safe unless it is backed by a comprehensive security policy that establishes proper system users and guests, and outlines appropriate parameters for use. A security policy must be comprehensive, disseminated throughout the company, revised regularly, and tirelessly enforced. IrisLogic addresses other security issues such as configuration, Internet access, encryption, and authentication.

Co-Location – IrisLogic’s strategic alliance with Web hosting companies allows us to serve businesses that desire a World Wide Web presence on the Internet. Off site hosting provides a cost-effective solution, whereas maintaining a dedicated in-house Web connection can be costly and cumbersome.

Application Development – IrisLogic has extensive application design expertise ranging from the development of on-line sales systems for retailers to the creation of interactive sites designed to help organizations better serve their customers. Our staff of engineers and consultants can help you create a presence on the Web that will greatly increase existing customer interaction and generate new business opportunities. Whether your goal is to increase sales, communicate more efficiently, or decrease costs, we can create a solution that will help you meet your objectives.

High Availability – Running an increasing number of business-critical applications, companies can face an uphill battle to keep their servers available. To deal with issues of scalability, leading companies implement high availability solutions to minimize network downtime and maximize throughput, responsiveness, and reliability.

High Availability Services:

Running an increasing number of business-critical applications, companies can face an uphill battle to keep their servers available. Connectivity and throughput become important matters as businesses rely more on the Internet and internal networks for communication and productivity.

To deal with issues of scalability, leading companies implement High Availability solutions to minimize network downtime and maximize throughput, responsiveness, and reliability. IrisLogic SecurNet offers Stonebeat, Cisco Local Director, and Legato products, as well as high availability solutions for firewalls and load balancing solutions for Web servers to effectively manage the changing network security requirements as system and network capacities improve.



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