Machine Learning Offerings @IrisLogic

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Data science is evolving rapidly and in demand. Thanks to recent hi-tech advances, organizations can deploy most ingenious technical solutions to work in their departments and settle complex problems employing…

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Advantage Power BI

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Power BI is a versatile Business Intelligence platform. It’s simple, intuitive and has what you want where you want it. It is robust and powerful to process any data. IrisLogic…

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Competing in a age of data driven world

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Data and analytics are firmly shaking up numerous industries, and the effects will definitely become more noticeable as acceptance reaches critical majority. Much larger wave of change is imminent on…

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Big Data and Business Transformation

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The adequate use of big data has the potential to transform businesses, delivering a new wave of productivity growth and consumer comfort. Adopting big data will incline a key basis…

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Covid-19 and Digital Transformation

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Covid-19 gave organizations really good opportunity to show how their infrastructure and services are scalable by being able to turn up emergency bandwidth for their customers in a record time.…

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QA at the speed of innovation @IrisLogic

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Continuous innovation is essential for organizations to outpace the competition. A high customer adoption rate plays a crucial role in the success of these innovations. IrisLogic’s software testing frameworks empowers…

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