[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Firewall implementation is a key component of corporate network security and IrisLogic SecurNeT offers the best engineering for firewall solutions for companies ranging in size from start-ups to large enterprises. Our methodology is built upon years of experience with security and infrastructure concerns by focusing on robust applications, efficient implementation, and comprehensive project management.

IrisLogic has the tools to design a solution that is sure to exceed your expectations for security, time to implementation, and cost. Our methodology consists of four phases:

  • AssessmentA security assessment is performed to gather information about the current state of network security in the organization. This information is used to present a project proposal that outlines the scope of the project.
  • Design and PlanningUpon approval of the initial assessment, our fully-credentialed and experienced team of engineers design firewall solutions that are tuned for scalability, expandability, efficiency, and security. For the implementation planning, information from the audit combined with leading industry research, standards, and protocols is used to prepare an optimal design template for approval.
  • ImplementationAfter the customer approves the design template, the required hardware and software components are procured and installed. SecurNet solutions employ the best available firewall security software (Checkpoint Firewall-1, Cisco PIX, Nokia) and systems (Unix, Windows). Performance testing ensures system reliability and that industry standards have been surpassed.
  • ManagementAll relevant documents are organized in a report that details the complete firewall analysis and setup. The final report allows for the efficient transfer of knowledge and serves as an ongoing reference tool for the customer and IT personnel. IrisLogic’s continued materials-based support ensures the proper operation and maintenance of your system.


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