5 reasons your business needs a Mobile Warehouse App like IrisFieldOrders

It is important that business applications keep pace with the speed of the business and that is especially true for Warehouse & Inventory management tools. An efficient warehouse is characterised by speed, efficiency, reliability and precision all of which depend on transparent, streamlined, error-free data analytics & reporting. Which is why, when inventory is constantly moving in and out of the warehouse and through your business – and so are your employees – investing in a mobile inventory management app is most reasonable.

Cloud computing & big data have transformed the way businesses operate. In this case, they have enabled apps like IrisLogic’s Field Order solution (IrisFieldOrders) to provide fast and error-free data communication through the use of mobile technology making inventory management a breeze. It not only supports online data entry but also offline data management which can sync between the app & your ERP system or backend system when the network is available. At any time, your employees can easily search for a customer, ship to locations and items and create new orders. They will also be able to edit or delete the pending orders.

We have identified 5 common benefits that have helped our customers who use IrisFieldOrders gain a competitive edge. Read on to know how and why these benefits will be applicable to your business too.

  1. Faster inventory management
    Mobilising warehouse inventory management enables streamlined, efficient execution of warehouse processes. Empowering your workforce with mobility means that your workers can process and execute transactions on the move, rather than having to move themselves and the items in question to a central location to perform tasks. You can get immediate visibility to your inventory as soon as it is received or sent out, shipments can be instantly processed and your warehouse data management will be easier, accurate and real-time.
  2. Increased efficiency & higher productivity
    Being able to access and update information from the location of the assets has the obvious advantage of minimising scope for human error as well as the time consumed in completing warehouse processes. Armed with a strong mobile app, employees can record 100% of all inventory interaction, material usage, labour, and any other pertinent information on every step of the way thereby increasing efficiency, and heightening productivity. Further, IrisFieldOrders also generates reports on app usage, live or historical orders, inventory information, and much more allowing for better management & control.
  3. Reduced labour costs
    Using a mobile & cloud-based warehouse app like IrisFieldOrders allows you to streamline difficult processes into intuitive workflows in the field. Imagine a scenario wherein your employees, empowered with a tool like IrisFieldOrders, use features like geolocation, on-device camera and scanners to confirm they are at the warehouse, enter inventory information, and scan the barcode instead of taking down information by hand or entering numbers. This alone will result in more accurate data capture making it possible to decrease redundant effort, the need to duplicate & cross verify tasks, and make multiple trips. Ultimately, it significantly shortens work cycles and reduces the amount of labour it takes to process the same amount of inventory.
  4. Better customer service
    Traditionally, inventory management has been labour intensive, a consequence of which is inefficient processes and possibility of human error impacting your end delivery to the customer. However, cloud-based apps will introduce your workforce to more streamlined processes in the warehouse, and will allow workers to fulfil orders more quickly. This, in turn, translates to fewer missed shipments, fewer delays and happier customers.
  5. Higher ROI
    In addition to the four powerful reasons stated above, one of the biggest benefits our customers realised with IrisFieldOrders is higher ROI in a shorter duration. Better control of inventory means higher efficiency, simpler and quicker workflows and fewer erroneously calculated stock outages/overstocking. All of these have a direct impact on your bottom line, your business efficiency and your ability to convert more opportunities to do business.

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